Algae Revolution Production, E-book door Koen Vanhoutte

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Algae Revolution

Discover Two Key Drivers That Keep You From Being A Rich Algaepreneur

door Koen Vanhoutte

‘Algae Revolution?’ by Koen Vanhoutte. Two key factors to build a sustainable algae industry with commercial production sites.

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Algae Revolution – Algae production

Discover Two Key Drivers That Keep You From Being A Rich Algaepreneur. Can algae save the world? Do they really produce ten times faster than corn? Is it only about omega-3 oils or essential amino acids, or can we use algae production as an alternative fuel to fossil fuels? Can algae address ‘peak oil’? Can we address ‘peak phosphorous’? Can we make serious money with algae?

‘Algae Revolution?’ is the first of a series in which you can find the answers to these and other vital questions. In this first issue, you can read about two key factors that have been holding the entire algae production industry back for over a decade, if not more. It’s no longer a matter of biology, technology or even financial power. It’s all about structuring the business, organizing the industry with correct scaling for each market, and appropriate valuation systems of algae biomass.

Spoiler alert: A lot of contradictory information about the viability of the algae industry is out there. But yes, the algae industry can solve many global problems in a profitable and sustainable way! The author, Koenraad Vanhoutte, Ph.D., MSc, and MBA, is a specialist in the field with over 35 years of relevant experience.

In ‘Algae Revolution?’ you can read about two essential factors to build a sustainable algae production industry.

You’ll see how this can work for at least one proven production technology. Commercial production sites have proven that some very serious money can be made. Yes, it’s totally possible that an ‘algaepreneur’ could even get rich. If you do it right and provide those two issues are addressed properly.

‘Algae Revolution?’ by Koen Vanhoutte. Two key factors in building a sustainable algae production industry with commercial production sites.

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